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What's truly radical is how
united we all can be.

There are 6,000 living languages.

But we all speak dance.

Uniting the dance world is our goal.

In 2014 our Dance for Unity 2014 Conference will attract dancers from over 50 nations. We speak different languages. We eat different foods. We look different. But dance unites us all. We find our expression and soul through dance and regardless of our birthplace we all talk this universal language.

Unfortunately most of the world forgets this. We become consumed with our own microcosmic world and forget to reach out to others outside our immediate universe. Amongst civil uprisings, ethnic clashes, gang rivalries and so forth there simply remains too much hatred in this world. We believe that through the simple act of dancing together and letting our primal instinct move our bodies we can help bring people of the world together. We hope you can share with us this grand vision.

We are a not-for-profit trying to

make a difference.

Dance for Unity structures our events as a not-for-profit. Our dance participants donate to attend our events and workshops. In turn we use all the funds to make our events better, market our message to more nations, attract a larger gathering, and provide scholarships to lovers of dance who can’t afford to pursue their dance dreams or attend one of our events. As a not-for-profit as we grow we use all of our proceeds to advance our cause and not pay to owners.

How can you help?

Attend our events & tell your friends.

When you attend our events, workshops, conferences, and so forth not only are you receiving an amazing experience to dance with the worlds best in a fun & safe atmosphere but you are actually donating to our cause. You are helping use get more people from more nations to our events. And by getting bigger our voices become louder.
With louder voices we can then get more people from the world unite and help stop all the unnecessary violence in the world and spread the rich cultures of the world to others. In addition you help us fund the dreams of some of the most talented dancers who then become our ambassadors. Again, our goal is to spread cultures, show the world how alike we all are, and how dance can unite us all.

“The bigger you help us become the

louder voices we gain.“

Love Dance? Need help to reach your dreams?

Want to help us? We'd love your donations.

If you have dedicated your life to dance and believe in our message we want to hear from you. If you are having financial struggles in your goal of using dance to help the lives of others or unite various peoples via dance then write to us. We can help fund your trip to one of our events to learn more about us and may also elect to help you reach your dreams.
Over the last three years we have invested over $2 million to our cause. We are only getting started. With help from passionate people like you, whether you are a dancer or not, we can make a difference in the world. Please help us by donating whatever you can spare for our cause. Let’s all dance together.