Surimay manages an elegant, delicate yet intricate footwork, developing a style that differences from any other and gives her personal seal wherever she teaches. Her technique is meticulously maintained and her attitude is solemn and passionate, employing evident fusion between the Oriental art and ballet.

Surimay, born in Caracas Venezuela, classical dance was always her greatest interest from very young. At 17 years of age she takes the initiative to learn Arabic dance, activity start practicing of autodidactic way while alternated with her university studies of Psychology. Arabic dance for Surimay had become something more than a discipline practiced daily, it had become her passion and vocation. Later she joined the staff of professors of the academy; this is where the concern comes in Buenos Aires Surimay by further refining her knowledge and decides to travel Argentina to perfect her style with international Master and dancer Saida. In February 2008 Surimay decides to leave her native Venezuela to move and reside in Chile, which received pleasantly due to her style of dance and pedagogy applied in each class. That same year won the 1st Place in National Competition for Bellydancers Professionals "An Evening of Stars" being chosen "Miss Bellydance Chile 2008". Since then it is highly organized by various schools nationwide from the North to the South of Chile to provide multiple Seminars and Show with a great acceptance by the students. In 2010 Surimay opened her school in the city of Santiago, is the creator of the curriculum for students from inside / outside the country in Chile and has a structure of methodical teaching divided by levels, where each student is carefully assessed and prepared in Theory and History of Oriental Dance, rhythmology, Elements, Folklore and Dance Technique in general.